Authentic care for the people behind a local business is all too rare. As business owners, we know how it feels when someone truly sees and hears you. That is what The Business Hive is about.

— Rachel Davis, Co-Founder

We create a positive impact on the world by offering innovative ideas and approaches to purpose-driven local businesses who value people, community, and the environment.

A woman holding a paintbrush sitting on a hardwood floor looking at a canvas with blue wavy lines on it. Around her are a paint palette with blue paint and pieces of paper covered in more blue wavy lines.

Every Business is Unique

We work to help business owners find their truth and guide them to do what is best for them. We help them develop tools and strategies to be independent and successful on their own.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

We support and empower small businesses because when they succeed, local communities flourish—with job opportunities and access to unique services and goods.

A man and woman sit at a table with their laptops open. The woman is holding a mug and laughing.


Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, regardless of title, beliefs, or identity. We give respect to get respect. Every person has value, and every voice matters


We actively build trust and create a safe space for all. We are welcoming and inclusive, and share ourselves honestly and openly.


We think first of the positive impacts we can have on others and the world. We actively cultivate a community of individuals who utilize their unique gifts and strengths in the service of others.

Our Team

Naomi Mendoza


I bring 20+ years of experience in corporate America with me. My resume will show that I have expertise in developing people and programs, and it might even show that I have a passion for leadership and D&I work but who wants to read a resume? The bottom line is that this experience has given me an intimate understanding of how to help people be more successful in their roles, which helps organizations reach their goals. More importantly, I bring all of my knowledge and experience as a consultant, coach, and energy healer to inspire a vision of what could be and guide you to a path that allows you to bring your vision to life.

Rachel Davis


Serial entrepreneur, corporate executive, and administrator of a non-profit organization, I’ve done it all. I understand what it takes to run and grow a business from an operations perspective AND a people perspective. I love working with people and helping others succeed, and I want to help small business owners create strategies that achieve goals, develop networks that support the business, and build strong teams.